High Volume Low-speed fan

High Volume Low-Speed fans (better known as HVLS destratification fans) are able to deliver major changes in working environments, consumer environments, and livestock housing, and improved operating parameters for many types of machinery Owing to their whisper-quiet activity ( < 60dBa ), our HVLS destratification fans are used in a wide variety of environments including, for example, restaurants, hotel lobbies, vast open-plan office rooms, atriums, convention centres, factories, manufacturing environments, and livestock buildings to name a few.

How do HVLS fans work?

HVLS destratification fans draw air from the colder roof and move it to the floor in a slow-moving column to bring about a better working atmosphere and dramatically minimise overall power consumption. The most important advantage in winter is a significant decrease in energy costs to build an optimal working/storage environment. During the summer months, HVLS destratification fans offer low-cost cooling, minimise or remove the need for air conditioning. At ProArch Infra, we are aware of the fact that creating and producing goods that are consistently at the top of the market takes tremendous skill and experience. Our experts are qualified to pursue success and have made it possible for us to become the ideal choice for high-volume low-speed fans across the state. The relentless commitment and enthusiasm of our business to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction has made us one of the most respected Large Ceiling Fan exporters and suppliers in Kerala.

Determining the scale of system

The selection of the most applicable size and the right number of fans to reach optimum cost-effectiveness in each given case is difficult since several other factors related to the overall estimate. These include:

  • Outside temperature of the atmosphere
  • Products used in the construction and how good the space is sealed
  • Effectiveness of the heating system used
  • Control accuracy of the heating system
  • True temperature difference pre-destratification
  • Efficacy of fans of destratification
  • The operating costs of fans of destratification
  • The price arrangement of the operating costs of your heating system

HVLS Fan stands for High-Volume, Low-Speed Fan, and is built in such a way that it has a greater diameter and wider blades than regular fans. HVLS Fan travels slowly to pump vast and uniform volumes of air at a low reasonable pace than normal. HVLS FAN is thus called a high-volume low-speed fan. Now the question is why you may require it for your space. Here are the advantages of using HVLS fans over traditional fans:

Risk Control

HVLS Fans are safer than other cooling systems because they evaporate the moisture and spread it within the amount of room to keep the building thermally stabilised from top to bottom.

Shift the air precisely

Designing HVLS fans that create perfect airflow for cooling, heating, and optimising IAQ.

Efficiently transfer air

Creating massive ceiling fans that transfer air at the very lowest running rate.

Shift the air gently

Manufacturing massive fans that are silent and energy-efficient

Shift the air forever

Building huge fans that retain their high quality over time.


Workplace dissatisfaction can cause tension among people and even affect their productivity. It is, therefore, necessary to install the correct cooling system, such as the HVLS Fan, to remove the issue by removing heat, ensuring human comfort, and improving performance.

Energy Saving

When it comes to saving electricity and cutting costs, HVLS fans do not compete because they are made with advanced materials. That is why it guarantees greater savings in the long term.