Industrial, Civil & Mechanical


ProArch infra was founded over 20 years ago to break barriers and achieve excellence. We do this by bringing a people-first approach to business. Much of our workforce is directly hired by us and we are constantly hiring and leading our staff based on our four core values: creativity, experience, leadership, and dedication. Our principles lead us together by consistently questioning our approach and breaking the envelope to deliver creative, state-of-the-art solutions. We are proud to be highly knowledgeable specialists in our sector. Committed to success, we act with drive and honesty to meet the standards of our clients. We guide you on issues relating to architecture, costs, and any regulations on civil and mechanical construction.

Popular practices include:
  • Architecture
  • Cost consulting (quantity survey)
  • Civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering.
  • Pro Arch infra, then, looks after the planning process of the project – design the structure and figure out how much the design would cost to build.

ProArch infra provides a professionally skilled architecture and development team to build structures, factories, and manufacturing units throughout the state. As structural and civil engineers, we are well aware that much of the challenges are on the site. From the beginning, we collaborate with our clients, providing our technological knowledge, and predicting any future challenges and new, more creative methods of constructing from the outset.

We at ProArch infra design, develop, research, build and test your construction. We analyze the problem faced by you or your firm and plan solutions accordingly. We design CAD (computer-aided designs) of the structure and elaborate them to our clients. We communicate with them all the challenges faced by them and how our design ideas can rectify all the issues they are facing currently. For a better understanding of the project to the people from non-architectural or engineering backgrounds, we can design and develop scaled-down prototypes of the project for better understanding. This can also help in places where there are specific issues for the project like high wind speed in coastal areas. We also simulate the construction design using 3D rendering to serve our customers better.

Our approach towards design, analyses and construction
  • Analysis of existing structure if any: many of our clients have existing buildings and construction when they ask for our expertise. These older construction buildings, built long back are sometimes inadequate for their newfound commerce or residential purpose. They might have served their use all these years but find themselves quite deficient in utility for today’s purpose. ProArch understands your business or residential needs and tries to inculcate those in design phases itself. For yet to be constructed buildings we plan things from the scratch for better deployment of the resources. While planning we also try to keep an eye on modularity and scalability. As your business grows it is important that your workspace keeps up with the increased footfall or the area required. Many of the warehouses that we have built include modular features which help us to add more room in case there is increased demand for storage.
  • Analysis of problems faced by the customers or clients: every industry has specific requirements when it comes to their utility of space and its construction. A retail commercial unit can be remodeled as a warehouse and vice versa but it will not serve its purpose completely. Since all building and construction are tools of human interaction during work, an employer must provide its employees safe and sound working conditions which will boost productivity. Different industries can have different needs. Retailers will prefer more exposure to customers and increased visibility while an indoor stadium will prefer a closed construction with good ventilation. ProArch has implemented various projects which serves as multipurpose like an indoor stadium which can be converted as an amphitheater. In the construction of temporary nature such as an onsite office for the crew etc., ProArch builds modular using easily assembled construction material and uses pre-built roofs made of steel.
  • Prototyping of the construction: our prototyping is not limited to that of just computer-aided design, we have developed miniaturized versions of the construction to have a better understanding. This helps our customers to have a better visualization of their project and give valuable advice and suggestions. This is quite useful if the person lacks technical know-how of the project. Many of the specific construction built for climatically hostile locations involves additional testing with miniaturized models like wind testing to check the structural rigidity during the storms or typhoons.
  • No design is perfect but we can achieve perfection with constant iteration. We analyze our results and change our designs to build better structures to withstand the test of time and match our high standards. This involved a process of constant evaluation and internal scrutiny has helped to deliver constant results.
  • Construction is the most labor intensive of all the above processes. It is not only capital intensive but also involves considerable risk of cost escalation, safety and various other factors. With a fully digitized model of tracking all the progress and workflow, we streamline all the activity in your construction. This ensures that there is no delay or cost escalation during construction. We have an unblemished record of finishing all our projects on time.