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“Interior design is the perfect cross where emotions of art cross complexities of engineering “

We are experts in the creation and execution of approaches for interior design. We help create inspirational and practical interiors. We pride ourselves on being experts in project management from idea to transition delivering stunning designs and styles on schedule and budget. We're here to make designs that fit you. We manage the project with an experienced team and trustworthy contractors, control the costs, track the project, and handle the risks.

We have 20+ years of experience in the area of interior design in Kerala which helps us find a personalized look for any client who is ready for their adventure with design. At ProArch infra, we believe that great architecture can be an investment, not just an expense, and we always try to optimize the worth of my clients' properties without wasting resources. ProArch infra collaborates with a team of trustworthy consultants, vendors, and experts, and are proud to achieve positive outcomes by taking personal dedication and the best expertise to any project. This involves meeting deadlines, controlling schedules, and delivering a perfectly finished project.

Interior designing for industrial and commercial places

We have experience implementing various designs and features recommended by our customer and interior designer in hundreds of our construction projects in various industrial and commercial projects. This includes various subspeciality sectors which warrant finer attention to details and a wide range of skills and experience. Some type of units that we have delivered in the past include

Our approach towards design, analyses and construction
  • Corporate office : Your office or headquarters of your operation serves a beautiful message to the people working inside it. It showcases the identity of the firm and the values that it stands for. ProArch infra engages with the management of the office and learns about all their practices, their customs and their work culture. This ensures that similar beliefs systems are added to the interiors of the office, promoting productivity and overall, well-being of everyone working.
  • Retail : What’s seen is what’s sold. This is a popular catchy phrase in the retail world with retailers trying to catch the limited attention span of the retail customers wandering in market places attracted by various items of mass consumption. ProArch understands the heart of the retail business, having constructed for retail client’s various shops, stores and shopping complexes. We have designed retail spaces loved by customers and retailers alike. Retailers which can increase the footfall have higher chances of converting it into sales. Interior design in these retail units should be welcoming to the average shopper. If your store has intimidating interiors then it will fail to attract new shoppers and can even repulse an existing one. There is evidence that indicates that the presence of more people in your store will attract even more since it is perceived subconsciously that people shopping side are shopping because of the perceived value. This is usually seen in crowded restaurants with a huge number of people waiting outside waiting for their turn.
  • Restaurant : Any business that is into the business of food is good. ProArch sees the food industry as a supply chain delivery of taste. We believe that the interior of a restaurant should inspire chefs to experiment, create wonderful taste and deliver a consistent tasty experience. It should also inspire the eater to shun its inhibition and get lost in the world of earthy flavor’s. Simply providing a rich taste is not enough for a restaurant, I should deliver an experience. People remember taste by reminding themselves or the experience they received at the restaurant. This ambience created by your interior designer serves a huge role. We are successful in making the whole experience of eating at a restaurant, from just mouth-watering to eye-pleasing with our interior decoration solution.
  • Warehouses : A small or large dingy room with poor location and badly lit warehouse containing goods of various sizes and shapes are a thing of the past. Warehouses play an important role in the supply chain and are sometimes considered the most crucial node of the retail unseen by the average customers. ProArch constructs traditional and modular warehouses built using pre-engineered buildings. These can be equipped with the use of self-supported trussless arch roofing. Pre-engineered building and arch roofing made of steel reduce the need for extended manpower usage and use of concrete and cement which are known to be an unsustainable building material.
  • Indoor Sports Facility : In states like Kerala which can have abrupt rain due to its proximity to the Arabian sea and Indian ocean, followed by a quarter year of monsoon, playing outside can be a bit of an effort especially if the sport isn't something like football. Many sports like badminton, basketball and volleyball are played outside due to lack of infrastructure in our country. Indoor sports facilities with great interior design help to declaw these sports from the mercy of nature and encourage sports. Indoor sports facilities equipped with air conditioning or ventilation provide athletes with the consistency to optimize their performance.

ProArch has executed projects of interior design styles ranging from modern to contemporary to industrial. We have crisscrossed various styles to create a unique blend of design to create a rare and unique experience for our customers.