Plant and Machinery

Design and Implementation

At ProArch infra, we have decades of experience collaborating with industrial machinery firms. We recognise the cyclical nature of the market and the particular obstacles it faces, and regularly support our clients to optimise their success during both easy and difficult times. Our business provides construction services for special projects from idea to manufacturing. We work with design studies on goods, modelling, development as well as design.

Collectively, our Process Engineers team has vast expertise in the manufacturing markets, including the pharmaceutical, chemical, water, energy & environmental, and food sectors. This covers both the organisational experience and the concept and execution of production site ventures. The Plant Engineering Department at ProArch infra is capable of undertaking all dimensions of process design and is skilled at collaborating closely with Clients to build projects from the entire idea to the planning of sanction grade forecasts and then to the comprehensive design, execution, and commissioning phases. If you require consultancy services or construction, process planning, equipment or automation, plant architecture, or pollution mitigation for a new or current plant, our team will provide a wide variety of cross-sector, deep process consulting, and engineering services.

In addition to defining user specifications, a development plan is drawn up which describes the particular business processes that will be modelled and simplified using the proposed solution. In the preparation of this report, engineering advisors will concentrate on the incorporation of their industry expertise to best appreciate the particular business processes of the client and help direct them through the process of visualizing their workflow. This is where consumers particularly enjoy the cross-functional skills of our consultants, as their industry insight and experience help them to apply their professional expertise in just the right ways to fulfill the business needs of their clients.

The outcome of this phase is a high-quality approach that will satisfy all your plant and machinery demands. This is focused on the preparation and research that places you and your expectations at the core of the project lifecycle. You have needs; Engineering has the skills, expertise, and processes in place to fulfill and surpass the requirements.

Plant and machinery implementation of ProArch Infra involves the following phases:
  • Planning and implementation
  • Collection and purchase of the appropriate parts, such as actuators, sensors, and control devices;
  • Design and installation of the required mechanical structures;
  • Design and testing of the required electrical panels;
  • Installation of electrical and control devices
  • Programming of control and visualization applications
  • Commissioning of the system
  • Selection of manufacturers and contractors;
  • Recruitment of machine operators and maintenance personnel;
  • Provision of documents to monitor the production process, following standardized process.
With our network, we will realize your projects on schedule and target:
  • Assign responsibilities to experienced professionals with several years of experience and expertise.
  • Introduce the monitoring and safety systems in compliance with the applicable guidelines and directives;
  • Execute the system implementation at a low cost and with minimum downtime.