Management Consultancy

We offer specialist project management services to a range of clients around the state of Kerala. We deliver value for investment by offering the highest level of management, using our professional project managers to realize strategic gains by delivering projects on schedule, expense, and efficiency.

We are proud to have a personalized project management service that helps our clients recognize their choices, determine their project priorities, and handle the execution of projects – we are your trusted advisors. We ensure that the organizational priorities and strategic gains of our clients are realized by a controlled, well-managed, visible collection of actions to produce the desired outcomes. We establish and execute plans for construction projects through the application of proven protocols for effective implementation. We conduct the production and control of the pre-contracting programmed, logistics planning, and construction management. Our primary emphasis is on effective project execution, which we do by ensuring that our processes are compatible with your specifications. Our process manuals are dynamic and versatile enough to accommodate the needs of your company and our trained team of project managers, builders and surveyors will direct you in every step of the job.

The construction industry can be broadly classified into real estate and infrastructure with real estate subdivided into residential, industrial, commercial and corporate. Similarly, infrastructure into roads, railways, ports, airports, power and various other urban infrastructure. Planning and decision making required for all these various constructions is varied and requires experience, expertise and skilled manpower. ProArch in a project management consultancy role helps you by guiding through all the process from inception to completion of projects. This includes all the legal processes and procedures under all the jurisdiction. Our consultancy services will guide you through all the beneficial tax regimes various levels of government have to offer as tax benefits such as for environmentally sustainable building.

Various services offered by ProArch
  • Complete planning of the project from the scratch: unlike traditional construction firms, we go to the last mile for our customers. We incorporate all the nitty-gritty of the project in our reports and inform you of all the steps to be taken consequently.
  • Cost-benefit opportunity analysis of the project: viability of a project depends on a lot of factors. Right from the cost of construction to revenue generation. Many tax benefits and revenue models can make or break a business model, rendering it unsustainable as a business model. Our consultancy will guide you through every process and inform you about all the possible scenarios so that you can make informed decisions.
  • Computerized monitoring system; many of the information jumbled between the numbers are lost to the customers while reading reports or during the presentation. That is why we have digitized all the information of your project easily viewable using the dashboard. Clients can update themselves about all the proceedings of the project using a simple digital interface with graphs, charts and photos instead of a gargantuan amount of numbers.
  • There are a large number of metrics in the construction of large projects involving various metrics like cost, time, risk, scope and complexity. In advanced construction engineering, these metrics are important for any project. Our project management consultancy studies all these reports and even refer to analyst outsides to help with your project.

Project management is the hidden rule book of any successful project. How efficiently a firm manages it will determine the long-term success of the firm. ProArch specializes in synchronization of client firms with that of ours to give you the best results ure, administration (cross-functions and departments), duties and responsibilities, and employee performance. Typical practices are related to the execution of management techniques, such as the optimization of the workforce or the redesign of job positions, or are caused by an incident or crisis scenario, such as a merger or a transition as part of a larger corporate restructuring initiative.

From a strategic viewpoint, the goal of ProArch's project consulting is to improve procedures, operating practices, and fundamental structures in a wide variety of fields, of which Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Acquisition, Finance, and Research & Development.