Industrial Execution

In particular, our complete approach, which differentiates us in all our initiatives, rewards us in this key area, especially in the context of turnkey engineering and construction.

We can optimally play the card for a wide variety of business operations for your company: combined manufacturing, installation, and erection expertise from a single source managed by central project management. The early engagement of the construction and erection teams in the engineering process is considered to be an important necessity for the establishment of effective building processes, the avoidance of re-engineering, and the creation of a maintenance-friendly manufacturing plant. From the original idea through design and production to the release and manufacturing process, proArch infra will handle any part of the project development cycle. We deliver hardware engineering and design services for board design, embedded applications, mechanical engineering, prototyping, and value-added engineering services such as regulatory engineering, independent verification, certification, and low-volume manufacturing.

Seasoned project managers ensure the objective integration of all planning, construction, and commissioning services. They are backed by competent project engineers, planners, and project assistants. We, therefore, create the absolute best framework for the on-time, on-budget execution of key projects in various contract forms.

Our turnkey industrial installation service has a stable foundation, proven effective work practices, and the ability to offer your project the right solution to fit your timeframe and budget.

Technical advice and electrical and mechanical evaluation may be offered to improve the business installations and machines, disassembly, transport of machinery, restoration and upgrade, assembly, and start-up.

We know how important it is for our clients to know before the industrial installation. And for this reason, we are carrying out an analysis of its technical condition. We also provide a list of potential modifications recommended to satisfy or even improve your production objectives. We also set up staff to carry out the work on this list and provide the necessary technical resources, machines, and tools to avoid any unforeseen problems and additional costs.

What makes our service different from the rest?
  • Effective procurement.
  • A reliable network of contractors and suppliers.
  • Experience dealing with subcontractors.
  • The entrepreneurial and cost-conscious system of a family business.
  • A large number of our own, but still flexible, standard documents, based on numerous, effectively completed projects.
  • The distinguishing characteristic is the efficient and non-duplicated integration of customer documents into project management.
  • Broad expertise in solution-finding in process engineering and plant safety.
  • Comprehensive know-how in process engineering of fulfilling projects where interfaces and engineering minimized and configuration and erection successfully integrated.
  • In-depth know-how in different project planning.
  • High knowledge and competency in installation and construction, not least by experienced construction managers.
  • The optimum price/performance ratio.

It is a question of clearly specifying the whole operation with the most accurate budget to identify the feasibility of investment. Please contact us, and then let us arrange a meeting to outline your needs.