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Self-Supported Truss

less arch roofing

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Hvls Fans

High Volume, Low Speed fans (HVLS) are a sort of mechanical fans that are more than 7 feet (2.1 m) in diameter

Standing Seam Roof

To bring Standing Seam Roof, one of the most tough and weathertight rooftop framework accessible in the Business.

Wind Deiven Ventilators

One of the significant worries for most modern working environments and sheds is legitimate ventilation.


Polycarbonate material bay windows for characteristic lighting can be fixed by our group.

Welcome to Proarch

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Experience and Expertise

Proarch is an established and trusted industrial engineering and industrial construction contracting company in the area of industrial infrastructure development . Our expertise in the execution of self supported truss less arch shaped steel roofings, pre engineered buildings,

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