Pre Engineered Building

Is there a constraint on the minimum size of the PEB's?

No, we can construct everything from a little car park shed to large industrial structures over thousands of square metres in the area.

How much savings can be attained in the foundations?

The savings will be attributed, ultimately, to fewer column foundations due to wide span and bay spacing plus decreased column reactions due to less steel load.

Is it feasible to dismantle the structure and rebuild it in another location?

Yes, it is possible to disassemble and reconstruct at a different location.

How do you regulate the temperature inside the building?

We may provide insulation on roofs and walls to achieve the necessary temperature level. To regulate the temperature inside the building above this, the client must have a suitable HVAC system or unit in place.

Are PEB structures ideal for the Indian weather?

Yes, PEB Structures has supplied buildings with a variety of environmental conditions including frost, high temperatures, high humidity, exposure to the sea, extreme rains, cyclone, wind levels, seismic loads, etc.

How much cost difference will there be as opposed to conventional structures?

Pre-designed structures would be of about 20 to 30 % lower-cost than traditional style constructions.

Can we extend the current traditional building to PEB?

Yes, we can do that. Measurements are needed on-site for such projects. Established traditional column positioning & cross section details and base details would be needed for design calculations.