For a variety of factors, insulation plays a vitally important function in the production and manufacturing industries. The insulation system employed not only increases process quality protects properties from the environment and helps to save resources and minimize costs, it also, most importantly, ensures essential personnel protection for your employees. Our robust industrial insulation service encompasses any application: whether it is hot, cold, or loud, we have the expertise, know-how, and creative solutions to meet your needs. We are an innovative company that prides itself on always offering the right solution to our clients.

Insulations that we provide
  • Thermal : Almost all industries in power generations and manufacturing or processing will have components that will heat up while working or due to friction. There are other scientific measurement systems which are quite sensitive to heat and can malfunction. In those scenarios, it is required that temperature sensitive material be separated from hat generating equipment or be provided with some kind of thermal barriers using insulations. Thermal barriers are also used in cold storage with a high ambient temperature outside. Thermal protection ensures that there is no leakage of cold from inside and penetration of heat from outside. These insulations combined with HVAC systems are essential for modern industries. ProArch applies and provides material with thermal resistance and design adaptation for the whole building.
  • Fire : Fire hazard is one of the biggest causes of concern in industries which have a huge number of big and complex electrical machinery and heating molding inside. We follow every fire safety precaution while installation of electrical components. All the fire-prone wires or installation are wrapped in fire insulation material like PVC. Our team inspects to find areas which can potentially catch fire like jumbled up wires or areas of high moisture concentration etc. we also look for places with high wind speed as it raises the possibility of fire hazard resulting from high voltage wire coming under contact.
  • Acoustic Insulation : This soundproofing helps in reducing sound pressure of different frequency and volume levels. The material used in soundproofing helps in absorption of sound which can harm the surrounding machinery and people working. Scientific precision instruments used are sensitive and sound waves can impact their reading. Acoustic insulation can be helpful for people employed in those institutions where they don't get distracted by ambient distracting voices.
  • Impact Insulation or Impact Cushioning : Is used in industries where big machinery vibrates a lot affecting other machines and humans around it. This insulation is extremely important for devices or equipment which are prone to high metal stress. If impact insulation is not proper this can lead to metal fatigue resulting in the overall shutdown of the system. Ill-prepared industrial sites can sometimes have a buzzing sound beneath their floor. This sound can be distracting and annoying for most people.

ProArch believes and thrives on sustainability. We offer our range of eco-friendly options for insulation made and sourced locally. These green materials have a low environmental impact and most of the time are waste products of the primary material e.g. coconut husk. All the recyclable material used for insulation meets the technical specification required by the insulation.